Sunday, October 14, 2012

ROC - Brunch at Memphis Cafe and Afternoon Drinks at Habana

After having too much fun on a Friday night, one's stomach is in need of some good food... and possibly could go for another round of drinks. My friends and I decide to go out to brunch at Memphis Cafe located in The Lab within Costa Mesa.

Feeling jazzed up for the day, I've decided to kick it off with a Manhattan made with rye bourbon along with ordering a Bloody Mary for the meal. The others ordered a Greyhound and a Bloody Mary as well. My Rye Manhattan was standard but still delicious nonetheless. In addition, I really did enjoy their Bloody Mary.

I've had the Grilled Pork Chop with Caramelized Apples along with two eggs sunny-side up and Cheesy Grits. The pork chop was delicious and moist. On Yelp, someone had mentioned that either that person or other people had pushed for the pork chop to stay on the menu; kudos to them! My side of the Cheesy Grits were full of flavor.

One of my friends ordered the Crawfish Omelette. She said it was very delicious although there was a lot of egg. I think it was labeled as the potato hash but I've had the potato fritter served on the side and wished there was more seasoning on them.

The other friend ordered a Blackened Catfish Po' Boy with Mac and Cheese. It looked delicious especially the side. He said it was and the Mac and Cheese was very cheesy.

Our brunch was very good at Memphis. It certainly is a great brunch spot in Orange County. Some of the other brunch spots I recommend are Plums Cafe and Old Vine Cafe both located in Costa Mesa as well. I'll definitely plan to make a post on those places in the future.

After brunch, we've decided to walk around The Lab and ended up having more drinks at Habana. They too also had brunch which is why a place known for intimate dinners and amazing drinks is opened at that time. The environment at Habana's very intimate as it's lighten up by candlelight and they have an outdoor fireplace in their patio.

I've ordered a Caipirinha which is a Brazilian cocktail made with Cacha├ža (sugar cane rum), raw sugar, muddled limes, and soda water. It's a strong cocktail that although made with fruit screams of masculinity.

The friends ordered Sangria Roja (Red Wine Sangria) which they've certainly enjoyed.

In addition to ordering a couple for Caipirinhas, I've also ordered their Buena Vista cocktail. It was certainly on the sweeter side for a short cocktail.

Habana definitely is one of the great spots in Orange County to have amazing cocktails. It's also a great place to bring a date to.
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