ROC (Redemption of Orange County) Restaurant List

Here's a list of my ROC restaurant reviews based, of course, in Orange County, CA and their listed cuisine:

Honda Ya - Izakaya/Japanese
Nana San (2nd post) - Sushi/Japanese
East Borough - Vietnamese
Houston's (2nd post) - Traditional American
Mochi Cream - Desserts/Japanese
Habana - Latin/Caribbean
The Auld Dubliner - Pub/Irish
Ramen Zetton - Ramen/Japanese
Memphis Cafe (Brunch) and Habana (Drinks - Brunch/Southern
Houston's - Traditional American
Ikko (2nd post) - Sushi/Japanese
Nana San - Sushi/Japanese
Taqueria 2 Guys - Tacos/Mexican
Ikko - Sushi/Japanese
Fukada - Udon/Soba/Japanese
Takaya Yakitori Izakaya - Izakaya/Japanese

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